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legends of chicagoland motorcycle racing lunch ... 2012

hi everyone ... as we did last year, dan schmitt and i are going to meet for lunch at the denny’s restaurant on mannheim road near grand ave. in franklin park between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm this sunday (november 25) ...

just to remind you, this is something we put together to sort of replace the more elaborate "legends brunch" that was held for so many years. of course, like any of these kinds of gatherings ... over time ... the number of attendees will diminish and elaborate gatherings require large numbers of attendees or they are not economically feasible. last year the event was going to be cancelled. frankly, it’s not something we wanted to see happen. speaking for myself, i very much enjoy seeing the guys i used to race with and seeing how they are doing. giving it some thought, we decided it didn’t have to be that elaborate. the important thing was getting together annually with others who enjoyed their racing years and having a chance to tell some old "war" stories and remind each other about how fast we were ("the older i get, the faster i was") ...

i stopped by the denny’s in franklin park and learned they have a separate room for groups to meet. they don’t charge for it and make money from the deal by selling us food ... we gave it a try last year and i was pleased with the results. we filled the room so denny’s was happy and each person orders and buys their own food (there is no other charge) so cost is no more than stopping at denny’s for lunch.

i talked to danny, thanksgiving morning at the "rock," and he wanted to do it again this year (as did i). of course, just like last year, i’m concerned no one else will show and i’ll be stuck with danny for lunch (i’m kidding, of course). you guys wouldn’t do that to me ... right? ... anyway, danny and i will be at the franklin park denny’s at 1:00 pm sunday november 25, 2012 and we hope our old racing friends (and friends we haven’t met yet) will join us (between 1:00 and 1:30) as so many did last year...

for those reading this who don’t know what i’m talking about(?), let me briefly explain, for many years an annual event called the "legends of chicagoland motorcycle racing brunch" was held ... it was a gathering of the folks who raced motorcycles in the chicagoland area during the past decades. it eventually become a sort of santa fe speedway racers reunion but we hope the people who road raced, hill climbed, motocrossed, drag raced, ice raced ... or even just participated in trail riding ... the list goes on and on ... will also attend. of course it’s easiest to find the guys who raced professionally at santa fe speedway because we have the records. i want to stress that everyone who participated in any way including (perhaps especially) those who were spectators at these events is welcome (after all, if it weren’t for those who went through the effort to come and watch, there wouldn’t have been any races). those of us who enjoyed this period of our lives so much owe you more than we can ever express. perhaps you might like joining us for lunch and having a chance to meet and chat with the people who wore the leathers and full face helmets. you probably won’t be surprised to learn. they’re all pretty good guys.

anyway, to recap, danny and i will be at the franklin park denny’s (2447 mannheim road ... a few blocks south of grand ave.) this sunday (first sunday after thanksgiving, as always) between 1:00 and 1:30. of course, wives and girl friends are welcome (we need people who will be impressed with us ... right?)

please help us spread the word. i’m sending this to the e-mail addresses i have, but the list is nowhere near as organized as it should be ... one way or the other, dan and i will be there ... hopefully, the word will reach many who will join us ... see you sunday ...

bill wildt ... 224-531-4381
dan schmitt ... 773-414-5753

denny’s restaurant manager ... roger skala 847-455-5805



left photo: bill wildt honored at the 46th annual world of wheels car show

2008 right photo: bill wildt inducted into "skip's fiesta drive-in dragracing hall of fame" july 6, 2003. click on photo to enlarge,

46th annual wow skips

bill wildt honored at the 46th annual world of wheels car show see trophy pic

bill said he was pleased and flattered to be on the podium with these fine men who have contributed so much to the motorsport community. he went on to say, "apparently the legends of motorsports guild selection committee felt i belonged there but i must tell you sitting next to the first man to make a 200 mph pass at a drag strip (chris "the golden greek" karamesines ... alton il 1960) is a little humbling ... it was quite an honor" ... he went on to thank those who helped make motorsports unlimited what it is including the lovely ladies of motorsport, the crew and the underwriters ...
he concluded by saying "i sure didn't do it by myself" ... bill

the three inductee's were: chris karamesines ... racer bob stange ... builder (strange engineering) bill wildt ... media

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special notice: bill had an very enjoyable boating experience a couple of summers ago. in fact, he enjoyed it so much, he took pen in hand. if you would like an "e"mail copy of his account (four parts ... he's not known for brevity)send an "e"mail request. just say "send me an account of bill's excellent adventure."

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